Life on Canvas 

Dr. Farrukh Seir

My work is more about the beauty of nature, which lies in your eyes. You can find my reflection in spaces created by light and shade. True lover of nature finds beauty everywhere.

In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.  Alice Walker

About Life of Canvas

I am a self-styled artist who creates art work that invites viewers with choices and wonders of human perception. Equipped by my background as a physician, teacher and family man, I try to exhibit art depicting myriad of facets of daily life. This is how the name Life on Canvas is transpired.

I install my work in oil, acrylic and water color using canvases, papers, boards and other forms for art work. The intensity of changing seasons, vibrant colors, light and shades can be seen vividly in my work.

I also use my camera to capture irresistible moments which at times becomes a source of inspiration for my work of art.

My aim is to evoke stimulation and provide experience of silent thoughts.

Income generated from sale of artwork goes in to charity.


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